Find your passion
At Wedidit Solutions, the ultimate drive is passion. We put our heart and soul in everything we do. To make changes. To create differences. That's why we work days and nights with joy and fulfillment. And we believe this passion can spread. Join us. And re-find your passion.
Make an impact
Life is short when without purpose. But build a legacy to last and your life will become an unforgettable journey. Wedidit Solutions was founded upon the idea to bring such positive impact to the world through innovation, technology, dedication and strive for excellence. Be one of us and together we shape the future.
Challenge the norms
We are an international startup with a globally innovative product. You would have never seen anything like this before. We have a clear conviction that the norms are there to be broken and tomorrow is built with dreams and the courage to be different. And we are a growing team, always welcoming change catalysts to join our boat.
Have fun
We believe there's no career without fun. Working is not sitting somewhere from 9 to 5 and waiting for the payday. Working is to deprive fun from creating what we love together with people we believe. We laugh everyday and, believe us, you will also when you're here with us!
...and own the future
We offer more than a monthly salary. Everyone claims a piece of the treasures we build. At Wedidit Solutions, dedicated members are rewarded with bonuses and stock options. So own the company together. Build success together.

Please find more information about careers opportunities with us at: Jobs at Wedidit Solutions