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Wedidit Solutions have developed Komorebi family of SaaS offerings to help organizations and brands to stay in touch with their consumers.

Helps brands talk, listen, understand and care for their consumers

Komorebi is a QR-code based CRM and communication platform that allows brands and organizations to stay in touch with their consumer base. Our currently customer base include consumer brands, MICE event organizers, and tourism organizations.

Komorebi (木漏れ日) is a Japanese word which meaning is “the light that filters through the trees”. It was chosen for its meaning and as it is easily pronounced in most languages. It sits nicely with the spirit of the product which aims to bring light to brands and organizations who are usually in the shadows of much larger global corporations.

Komorebi - was featured in World Bank and SUNY's ETHOS II Entrepreneurship 2016 in South Korea among 30 innovative startups around the world. We were also in Clas-Expara Vietnam Accelerator program Batch II in 2016. And, we made the Echelon Vietnam Top 10 startups in 2016.



“Komorebi received much appreciation of the experts and the press. Komorebi also has helped us a lot in the process of developing solutions against counterfeiting and AnBooks interactive books.”

Phuong Ngo Thao, Director, AnBooks

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